« The rebirth of a village »

For the village of Ambatolaona, the creation of “La Maison Rova Caviar Madagascar” marked the beginning of an unprecedented economic revival. Between the land site located a few minutes by track from the center and the lake site fifteen kilometers upstream, 80% of the 300 employees of the Acipenser farm were recruited among the inhabitants of the village. Thanks to an internal policy of continuous training provided by qualified trainers, they are progressively evolving within the industry by discovering the various jobs related to fish farming, caviar production and marketing. In addition, the company’s needs for raw materials and other consumer products have led to the opening of new shops and trades in the village.



« An authentic story, a daily commitment »

Since 2009, Rova Caviar Madagascar has thought and reflected on the protection of nature and the surrounding biodiversity. The first initiative was the creation of an environmental permit to which are attached strict specifications that include all the elements for measuring and maintaining the cleanliness of the water with physico-chemical parameters. From the choice of materials used for the construction of the buildings to the in-house production of feed for the sturgeon from local agriculture, the production of electricity using solar panels, the land-based ponds in gravity mode, the reuse of waste or recycling, to the actions of “Corporate Social Responsibility, everything has been implemented on the farm’s land and lake site so that the environmental impact of the breeding is as low as possible.