Baeri Supreme

A unique experience


The most exquisite grains of Russian Baeri caviar are selected in the “SUPREME” range for their uniqueness and their incomparable length in the mouth. The firm and silky texture of the large light grey roe unfolds in the mouth, highlighted by hazelnut and woody notes. They will please the finest gourmets and will be the ally of the Great Chefs.

In the heights of Mantasoa, at an altitude of 1400 meters the fish farm of Rova caviar is nested. This haven of freshness, set in a protected environment is ideal for breeding the “Acipenser Baerii” species from Madagascar, descendant of the prestigious Russian caviar.

The privileged relationships that we maintain with our supplier of fertilized eggs, in addition to the vertical integration from production to distribution enable us to offer our customers a product with an exceptional texture and remarkable flavors.